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E-2 Visa, Treaty Investor

Are you considering an E-2 visa? Are you thinking about making an investment in Montana, North Dakota or Wyoming with the goal of using that investment as a way to establish residency states? If so please continue reading for information on the E-2 visa, treaty investor. If you already know that you need help, please contact us.

E-2 Visa

About The E2 Treaty Investor Visa

The E2 Visa is designed for nationals of qualifying Treaty countries who have made a “significant investment” in a business located in Montana or elsewhere in the United States. Again, the regulations do not specify a minimum investment level. However, the higher the investment, the more likely it is that the visa will be granted.

The regulations do require that the investment be made in an operating business and that investment must have been made prior to applying for the E2 Visa.

The E2 Treaty Trader Visa is the best choice for candidates who have purchased or invested heavily in an ongoing business located in Montana or elsewhere in the United States.

Investors from E2 Treaty countries are eligible to apply an E2 visa for the purpose of directing and developing their business investment. It is also possible to apply for E2 Visa for key managerial and specialist employees that are necessary to support the business, as well as their spouses and immediate family members. Unlike the L1 visa, E2 visa applicants are not required to have been employed by the company for at least one of the preceding three years. Also, the E3 visa does not require the investor to continue to operate a business inside their home Treaty country while operating the US-based one.

Summary of requirements for the E2 Visa:

  • The investor must have a “substantial capital investment” in the U.S. enterprise. The Act does not define a minimum investment amount. However, you can expect that an amount less than six figures would be unlikely to qualify in most circumstances. Special situations, a pending bankruptcy for example, might permit qualifying with minimal investment.
  • The investor must have risk capital committed in the company, and 100% of that risk capital may not be solely in the form of unguaranteed credit. The investor must also have executed a long-term business facilities lease.
  • The investor must control the U.S.-based company, which usually but, not always means at least 50% ownership.
  • The enterprise must be (or will soon be) actively operating in order to meet the ‘Directing and Developing’ requirements of the Act.
  • U.S. workers are (or will be) employed. The treaty provides for more that simply creating a job for the investor. Although no minimum number of U.S. workers is specified, enterprises employing a large number of U.S. workers are more favorably viewed than those which do not.
  • Either the enterprise, or at least its principal investor, must have a track record of Success currently or in previous ventures.
  • The investor must demonstrate that he or she has sufficient business experience, knowledge and skills to direct and develop the investment.
  • All E2 visa holders are non-immigrant’s and therefore must be willing to leave the U.S. should their E2 status be terminated. Participating E2 Treaty Investor Countries
ArgentinaChina (ROC)GeorgiaKyrgyzstanPakistanSwitzerland
AustriaCosta RicaHondurasLuxembourgPolandTrinidad and Tobago
BangladeshThe Czech RepublicIranMexicoRomaniaTunisia
BelgiumEgyptItalyMoldoviaThe Slovak RepublicThe Ukraine
Bosnia-HerzegovinaEstoniaJamaicaMongoliaSpainUnited Kingdom
BulgariaEthiopiaJapanNetherlandsSri LankaUzbekistan

How we can Help

The E-2 visa offers entrepreneurial people the opportunity to participate in the financial and business opportunities offered in the United States. We we specialize in helping people in our area, Montana, North Dakota and Wyoming. If you are looking at a business located in these three states, we can help you. Please contact us.