H2A Visa Montana North Dakota Wyoming

H2A visa? Well, that is what a lot of people type when looking for information on the visa for temporary agricultural workers. But, some people look for information on that visa using the term that the government uses, H-2A. People using different terms to search for the same thing present a problem for the person wanting to reach people with information. Google does not seem recognize H2A and H-2A as being the same thing.

H2A Visa

H2A Visa Solution

It wouldn’t make any sense to copy all the content over from my article on the H-2A visa in our guide to US visa types to a new page about the H2A visa. Google would probably penalize us for duplicate content. So in creating this post, I am pointing you to good information on the visa for temporary agricultural workers, our article on H2A visas in the guide.

How We Can Help

If your farm or ranch is located in Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming and you need temporary help, we can help with an H2A visa application. Please contact us.