US Citizenship

US Citizenship – An Overview of the Routes to Citizenship

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Obviously, people born in the United States obtain citizenship as a birthright. But, what about people who are not born in the United States, is a way for them to obtain citizenship as well? If this was all there was to citizenship, there would be nothing for immigration lawyers to assist people who wanted to be citizens. The question would be easy, were you born here, the United States? If you are not, the answer would be similarly straightforward you are not a citizen. However, it isn’t as straightforward as this because the United States recognizes different methods of becoming a citizen.

US Citizenship

This paragraph outlines the four main ways people become citizens even though they were not born here. To read a more detailed description, please click on the link to the route that most interests you. Part one covers derivative citizenship, or obtaining citizenship from your parents even though you are not born here in the United States. Part two covers citizenship for adopted children. Since law changed in 2001, the process for adopted children to become citizens is a lot simpler. Part three covers naturalization, the process of becoming a citizen if you are not born here and cannot claim citizenship through your parents. This process of naturalization is what most lawful permanent residents go through to become United States citizens. Lastly, part four covers citizenship through military service. This process is perhaps a special case of naturalization. If you are a member of the military certain naturalization requirements are waived and it is possible under certain circumstances to become a U.S. citizen without first becoming a lawful permanent resident.

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