Service Area – North Dakota “Immigration Lawyer North Dakota”

Service Area – North Dakota -“Immigration Lawyer North Dakota”

As part of our service area guide, we provide information on those looking for “immigration lawyer North Dakota.” If you need an immigration lawyer in North Dakota and search “immigration lawyer North Dakota”, Google will show you a lot of results that imply no matter where you are in North Dakota you can get help close by. In fact, only a few immigration attorneys practice in North Dakota, and they are on the far eastern part of the state, on the border with Minnesota. So if live in Grand Forks or Fargo, you may be able to get local help, but if you cannot get the help you need, we can help you with your immigration issue.

Immigration Lawyer North Dakota

Immigration attorney in Devils Lake or Jamestown

Starting from Eastern North Dakota, if you need help in the Devils Lake area or further south in Jamestown, if you need an “immigration lawyer North Dakota” you may find it more convenient and closer to go west to Immigration Law of Montana to find effective, helpful representation. From our review of our client base, we have had clients from these areas with family based immigration matters.

Minot or Bismarck Immigration Lawyer

In the middle of North Dakota, the two biggest cities are Minot to the north and Bismarck to the south. Going West to Montana rather than heading east to Minnesota or the eastern border of North Dakota may be a better option if you are looking for an immigration lawyer North Dakota. Minot is home to the Air Force base that employs over 6000 people. It is also home to much commercial activity tied to the development of the Bakken oil field.

Bismarck is the North Dakota state capital. In addition to helping more clients with family based matters in these areas, we have helped agricultural employers in the Minot area with H-2A temporary agricultural workers. We have also helped non-agricultural employers in the Bismarck area obtain temporary help through the H-2B program. An example of an employer that would be eligible to use the H-2B program is a hotel with a peak or seasonal need.

Immigration Lawyer in Williston or Dickinson

On the far western edge of North Dakota, we have the city of Williston in the North and the city of Dickinson in the South. Williston is also home to many businesses that provide oilfield services as the Bakken extends through this area, commonly referred to as the Williston basin. Dickinson to the South is home to Dickinson State University, and is considered to be one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the United States. Many immigrants flock to the area, and the chance to find jobs in the Bakken. We have helped a variety of clients from this area with family based immigration, and assisted businesses obtain temporary workers. If you live on the western edge of North Dakota it makes sense to drive further west to find an immigration attorney versus driving across all North Dakota to find one on the border with Minnesota.

How We Can Help

From reviewing this article, we hope that you can see not only that we have helped a lot of clients and North Dakota and can help you, but that heading West is the best option if you’ve been searching immigration lawyer North Dakota. Now that you found us, please contact us to set up a strategy consultation.