Our Service Area

Our Service Area

What is our service area? Since starting Immigration Law of Montana in 2001, we have served many clients from the Rocky Mountain Plains region. A review of our client’s locations shows that most clients seeking an immigration lawyer come from Montana, North Dakota, and Wyoming. You may be wondering why a law firm with a name designed to appeal to clients seeking an immigration attorney in Montana is attracting clients from neighboring states like North Dakota and Wyoming. We considered this same issue, and asked our clients. It appears to be a simple issue of distance and proximity.

Immigration Law of Montana, P.C. Service Area

Montana, North Dakota and Wyoming

Montana, North Dakota and Wyoming are by area the fourth, 19th, and 10th largest states respectively. Yet they are the 44th, 47th, and 50th states by population. You can do the math. The Rocky Mountain Plains states are large states with few people versus the rest of the United States, in other words low population density. With lower population density comes fewer specialist lawyers like immigration attorneys. So if you need an immigration attorney, the nearest one maybe 500 miles away, and not in your state.

Full-Service Immigration Law Firm

Wherever you are from we would like to hear about your particular immigration need. Perhaps we can help you. As a full-service immigration law firm, we can handle any immigration issue. Moreover, as we have grown we have developed the skills and tools to help people best in our service area. We use an online database to manage all our clients immigration cases. This system allows us to maximize the amount of digital information and document handling. This ability is important when our average client will not be stopping by.

Video Conferencing As a Way to Serve Clients

We also use videoconferencing services like Skype to arrange consultations with clients. We have found that some clients would like more than an initial phone call to feel confident in our handling of their cases. With such a large service area, it is difficult for the client to take the time to drive and come in and see us. With the video conferencing a client can have the security of “meeting” us without leaving their home.

Helping You

If you live in our service area and have an immigration issue, please contact us for help