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Green Card Process

If you’re in Montana, North Dakota or Wyoming and you are interested in a green card, you might ask how you obtain a green card or lawful permanent residency; what is the green card process? If you don’t want to read a long article, you already know that you just need help, you can skip ahead to the end to find out how to contact us.

The short, and perhaps oversimplified, explanation is that you file an application for lawful permanent residency with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The hard part of filing the application is determining the basis of your request for lawful permanent residency. Before discussing the different methods to obtain lawful permanent residency, it might be useful to look at the statistics on the grants of lawful permanent residency in the last year or so. The vast majority, approximately 68%, of the more than 1 million or so people who obtain lawful permanent residency every year do so through family-based immigration. Another 15% obtain lawful permanent residency through employment. Approximately the same number obtain lawful permanent residency based on humanitarian concerns. Lastly the diversity lottery accounts for around 5%. Other immigration law provisions result in approximately another 1 to 2% obtaining lawful permanent residency.

green card process
Green Card Process Guide

Besides this introductory article to the green card process, we have created a comprehensive guide to each of the topics introduced above. Part one of our guide covers family-based green cards. It goes over the most popular greencard filings, US citizens filing for their spouses. But, it also covers lawful permanent residents filing for spouses and family members. Part two of the guide covers employment-based green cards. This guide introduces the three-step process to receive in a green card through employer sponsorship. It covers jobs with very high education and experience requirements through those jobs with no education and little experience. Part three of the guide covers obtaining a green card through humanitarian grounds like asylum-based green cards or green card application for refugees. Part four of the guide covers the diversity lottery. In part five we go over a special immigrant visas

Greencard Related

Besides discussing how you can get a green card, we also have a section on renewing your green card. Once you have the greencard, you want to maintain it, make sure that you do not lose it. We cover maintaining your greencard in our guide.

How Do You Get a Green Card: Adjustment of Status and Consular Processing

Besides describing paths that you can use to get a green card, we also go over the two ways to actually receive a green card. If you’re in the United States it is possible to get a green card through the adjustment of status process. In this process you go from being a nonimmigrant to an immigrant. If you are outside of the United States, you can consular process for an immigrant visa. Once you use the immigrant visa to come to the United States and CBP admits you as an immigrant, you can apply for the greencard.

How We Can Help

If after reviewing this list of the methods of obtaining a green card, lawful permanent residency in the United States you believe that you qualify, Immigration Law of Montana, P.C. can assist you in understanding the details of applying for lawful permanent residency, and if you meet the requirements, helping you prepare and file an application. Please contact us for a consultation.