Check Visa Status

How do you check visa status? A lot of different visa types require that you first make an application to the USCIS here in the United States to get an approval. If the beneficiary of the visa application, the person who will receive the visa, is not in the United States the approval is then transferred to the US Consulate with jurisdiction over the beneficiary. The beneficiary is then required to apply for the visa. [Read more…]

Immigration Law of Montana’s YouTube Channel

Previously, we did a blog post on Immigration Law of Montana’s social media sites, but neglected to include information on Immigration Law of Montana’s YouTube channel. We don’t have much yet, but plan more videos soon. Right now, all we have are a couple of videos on how to use the system that we use to process your immigration cases, LawLogix. The system is pretty self-explanatory, but for someone who does not have much familiarity with Internet-based forms it may prove more challenging, hence the videos. [Read more…]

Immigration Law Of Montana Hours – 24/7 Kind Of

Immigration Law of Montana hours, 24/7 now? Kind of! With the arrival of the Internet as the method that most people use to search to find immigration lawyers today, and with the development of our 21st century 24/7 culture, Immigration Law of Montana, P.C. is pleased to announce that we are making it easier for our clients and potential clients to contact us outside regular business hours. We are providing a new phone number 406-545-6378 that you can use to contact us after hours or in the case of an emergency. [Read more…]

USCIS Courier Services – Policy Change

USCIS Courier Services? No matter how time sensitive your application to the USCIS, the USCIS has traditionally had a one-size-fits-all approach to providing evidence of your success or failure in seeking the benefit: your approval or denial notice arrived in a first-class mail envelope. Attorneys and other organizations filing large volumes of time sensitive applications have long requested that the USCIS enable the petitioner for the benefit to include a means of signing the approval notice back to the petitioner. In a recent press release, the USCIS announced that it has changed its policy. Petitioners may now include a prepaid air bill by the usual courier services, UPS and FedEx, that the USCIS will now use to return the original approval notice. [Read more…]

Personal Post – My Parents’ Websites

Rather than writing about some aspect of immigration law, I would like to take a break today to draw attention to my parents of whom I am most proud, and their websites. Just like me, they are immigrants to the United States, following me over in 1991. I sponsored them for permanent residence – they are the immediate relatives of a US citizen, me. They both developed an interest in the Internet in later life, and saw its potential as a method of disseminating information and connecting with others. [Read more…]

Immigration Law Of Montana Social Media

Immigration Law of Montana Social Media? What does that mean? Can you teach an old dog new tricks as the common saying goes? Well, in the move over the last 15 years from advertising a law firm solely using the Yellow Pages to the Internet, it is obvious that this means more than simply having a website like this one. Fortunately, getting started early on the Internet goes a long way to establishing an Internet presence as it is rewarded by Google. Immigration Law of Montana, P.C., registered its domain name in 2001, practically the dawn of time in the Internet age. So while we may have been ahead of the game in terms of starting the website, we have been slow in the development of an Internet presence through social media. [Read more…]

Pro Bono Rogers Ssembatya Humanitarian Parole

The stereotypical attorney of late-night comedy shows is money-grubbing and indifferent to his clients. The reality is much different in that many attorneys provide pro bono, at no cost, help to clients who are deserving and otherwise could not afford to pay. Providing pro bono care is something that the State Bar of Montana is continually exhorting its members to do. In fact, all lawyers, not just immigration attorneys, practicing in state of Montana have to file a report each year detailing the pro bono activities or other contributions as a condition of being licensed. [Read more…]

Hello Blog!

Immigration Law of Montana Blog? Well every WordPress installation comes with its first post aptly titled “Hello World,” so I’ll borrow from that for my first post on the new Immigration Law of Montana, P.C. (ILM) Blog. I’ve told myself many times, I just need to sit down and start telling the world, or more likely clients and potential clients around Montana, North Dakota and Wyoming about ILM. [Read more…]